Ohlins Suspension Parts UK

We’re proud to be an Ohlins dealer and are one of just a few in the UK. Ohlins suspension systems are synonymous with beautiful engineering, exacting quality, impressive performance. Innovative features as standard have given Ohlins shocks a stellar reputation, such as their DFV technology for road-based kits.

At the heart of every successful competition car, you will find a trusted combination of performance components. For close to 30 years, we have been building Championship winning Porsche at Tech 9. The secrets of our success rest with our trusted partners and suppliers, and Ohlins shocks have certainly contributed greatly to our success over the years.

Tech 9 and Ohlins have had great success in the past, such as our Porsche 911 SCR 3.0 race/rally car, shown above. Outright winner of the Tour Britannia race/rally events an unprecedented 7 times! Another notable success relates to our 1965 Porsche 911 2.0 race car, with podium finishes and a credible 2nd Overall in the final standings of the Peter Auto 2.0L Cup race series.

Our expert technicians can install your Ohlins suspension and optimize the geometry settings for your intended purpose. Whether you’re taking your Porsche out on Road, Race, Rally or Track Days, our expertise in combination with World-renowned Ohlins springs will ensure that this ‘Winning Combination’ can be enjoyed by all our clients. We’re also happy to deliver your Ohlins suspension if you’d prefer to install the parts yourself.

Call or email us to discuss the optimal Ohlins suspension parts for your vehicle.

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What is Ohlins suspension?

Öhlins is a Swedish developer of suspension products for motorsport, motorcycle, mountain bike and automotive industries. In addition to producing suspension systems, they also develop other vehicle components, such as ride height control systems and steering dampeners. The business was founded by Kenth Öhlin in 1976.

Where are Ohlins shocks made?

Öhlins shocks are made in Sweden. The company has been based in Upplands Väsby, Sweden since 1976. All Ohlins products are engineered and produced in the company’s facilities north of the capital, Stockholm.

How long do Ohlins last?

Ohlins products last between 20,000 and 25,000 miles of street use. Beyond this distance, it’s recommended to have the components serviced by an expert technician.

Are Ohlins really that good?

Ohlins products have a very good reputation for quality and performance. Whilst the components are not custom-built, they do engineer suspensions and parts for a wide range of Porsche vehicles, and often out-perform OEM parts. 

How do you adjust Ohlins suspension?

How you adjust your Ohlins suspension will vary depending on the specific product that you purchased and your vehicle. For the most concise instructions, you should consult the product manual that corresponds with your product. If you need further assistance then find a Porsche specialist to make the adjustments for you. 

Is Ohlins suspension the best?

Ohlins suspension is frequently rated as being one of the best producers of suspension systems, often beating out OEM parts in terms of performance. Whilst there are other suspension brands in the market, Ohlins have been considered a front-runner in the industry for decades.