Historic Rally Porsche 911 (1963-1989) Front Adjustable Damper POR 5L50


Based on Öhlins extensive kit system applications for Historic Rally are available. These versions includes the Porsche 911 Historic Rally car.

The front damper is available in a non-adjustable and an adjustable version. The non-adjustable version is based on a 40 mm cylinder tube that fits into the original Porsche McPherson Bilstein outer tube. The piston shaft is 12 mm and has a balanced setting developed for both Tarmac and Gravel. The front adjustable version has a 16 mm piston shaft hollowed with a valve and jet that is externally adjustable. This one adjuster adjusts both compression and rebound with the use of a bleed system and also has a temperature compensating system. It is also fully rebuildable and possible to tailor make settings for.

The rear shock has a 46 mm damping piston used together with a 16 mm piston shaft with compression and rebound adjustable with one external adjuster. This design also has the temperature compensating system and is of course rebuildable and possible to tailor make settings for.

This combination of Öhlins front and rear has already shown top performance in various Historic Rallies. The product is classical Öhlins and therefore completely rebuildable and possible to tailor make settings for.

Fits the following models

  • Porsche F/G until MY 1989

Part No

  • POR 5L50 front, adjustable
  • POR 5L00 front, non adjustable
  • POR 6L00 rear, adjustable

These are sold individually and should be ordered in pairs, but singles can be ordered as replacements

Fits the following vehicles

  • Porsche 911 (1963-1973), 1963 – 1973

  • Porsche 911 (G) 1973-1989, 1973 – 1989

Part number


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