Restoration Case Study: Porsche 930 3.0 Turbo

1977. The Queen celebrates her Silver Jubilee; Red Rum won his third Grand National; and Manchester United beat Liverpool in the FA Cup Final.

Also in this year, the lst  of Porsche’s 3.0 930 Turbos were made, including this beauty which was one of just 36 RHD 3.0 Turbos in the UK.

Before our restoration, the car was in its original condition – including spots of rust and faults in the paintwork.

We stripped it to the bare bodyshell, and then back to bare metal. The bodyshell was jig restored to the highest standards by Road and Race Bolton, a Porsche GB restoration partner.

We used as many original parts as possible, including the original carpets with ‘teddy bear’ long pile. We retained the window trim and the black anodised patina.

The original engine was rebuilt and restored with the correct finishes, including vapour blasting and chromating of magensium parts. The exhaust has been coated in ceramic, both for appearance and durability, and the gearox retains its original LSD.

Chassis and drivetrain are made only of original parts, including a rebuilt Bilstein suspension, aluminium front brake callipers, and date matched rear arms. The original 16″ Fuchs alloys with anodised finish complete the look.

The interior has been decorated with dark brown leather matched with Mac Laughlan  tartan trim: an iconic feature of the 1970s 930 Turbos. Even the Blaupunkt Bamberg stereo is present, with all original switchgear and instruments, as well as internal heating elements and the windscreen.

Still a powerful car, more lightweight than its more modern incarnations, we believe that this is the best RHD in the world to feature all of its original parts.