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Experience With Every Era Of Porsche

As UK Porsche restoration specialists, we have a huge passion for restoring classic Porsche vehicles and have been doing so since 1993. Values of early Porsche models have progressed nicely, so investing in top quality work and attention to detail is hugely important to protect your vehicle.

As one of the most trusted Porsche restoration specialists in the North West, we provide Porsche restoration services for a variety of models across Liverpool, Manchester, Wirral, Cheshire and throughout the wider North West area. Celebrated by industry giants TopGear, Carmagazine and Autosport, our vast engineering skill set has enabled us to restore a variety of models back to their very best – from the classic Porsche 356 to the latest 911.

Restorations Of Classic Porsches including 356, 911, 964 & 993

Your classic Porsche will be in safe hands with our highly-trained restoration specialists. Our Porsche restoration experts have worked with classic vehicles from all eras of the marque including classic 911, 964s, 993, and 356 models.

Our huge experience in restoring Porsche 911 models, from long hood pre-1973 (SWB and F model) to Impact Bumper (G model) such as the early 911 3.0 Turbo (930) and 2.7 MFI Carrera (74-76), has given us insight into the value that originality and authenticity can bring to a restoration. Recent racing activities with our 1965 2.0 SWB car, also gives us keen insight into these early machines. Our in-house build and development of a Solex Carburated 2.0 flat-six engine saw fantastic results, with front running pace and reliability.

Whilst classic air-cooled 911s remain timeless in their value, we also see many 964 and 993 models that are now of the age and value that full restoration is economically viable. We have also restored and detailed the very special models like RS and GT2, recently a full bare chassis rebuild of a factory-built Le Mans class-winning 993 GT2R. We understand that the closest attention to detail, authenticity and period-correct specifications is required to do these vehicles justice.

In-depth review – see our restoration of a classic 1977 Porsche RHD 930 3.0

The North West’s Porsche Restoration Experts

All Porsche restoration projects are led by Managing Director Phil Hindley, who has been working with the marque since 1990. He brings a wealth of knowledge of these vehicles, including key insight into the standards expected of a Porsche driving experience based on decades spent in the Motorsport industry. He’s supported by a team of equally passionate technicians with over 80 years of combined experience working with the Porsche marque between them. The team have great reverence for restoring these vehicles to their authentic glory, but also embrace new technologies and ideas when the need arises.

The Tech 9 parts department has proved over and over its value as a resource for finding those hard-to-get parts for classic Porsche restoration, and has allowed us to make the best of the smallest details in our in-house restorations. We have the opportunity to contact New Old Stock suppliers, No Longer Available and re-manufactured classic Porsche parts. We also sell parts to enthusiasts from the public, with many products available online 24 hours a day from our shop.

Accredited Restoration Specialists With A Proven Track Record

Our tried and tested approach to Porsche restoration projects, in conjunction with our team of expert technicians and encyclopedic access to parts allow us to execute our tasks promptly and to an exemplary level of quality. Our workshop is kept as clean as possible, and the utmost care is taken of any vehicle in our possession. All our Porsche restorations are fully documented with monthly updates, a record of work done upon completion, a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, and for some early cars, a copy of the Factory Kardex document.

Our enthusiasm and respect for classic Porsche vehicles underpins all our restoration projects, ensuring that your vehicle and your vision remains our top priority. We can also advise in cases where Porsche vehicles have been restored improperly, in addition to providing a complete MOT test, in order to restore and protect your vehicle from corrosion to the chassis or mechanical failure. We aim to protect your investment in your Porsche and ensure that they leave our workshop in factory condition, or better where possible.

Winning Projects for Porsche Restorations

Our Managing Director and expert technicians have worked on numerous Porsche restoration projects, to help restore classic Porsche models to factory condition. Take a look at our case study from a restoration on a Porsche 1978 911 SC model, which involved a full restoration and led to wins across multiple racing competitions.

Your Porsche Restoration Starts Here

Do you want a rebuild to the highest concourse standards? A mechanical refresh to allow you to enjoy your classic Porsche more regularly? Or just some cosmetic detailing to make it that bit more special?

Whatever your project, the Porsche restoration specialists at Tech 9 have the expertise to match your passion. Get in touch with us today to start your Porsche restoration project.