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About Porsche Exhausts

You should be able to recognise a Porsche by the sound that it makes. Regardless of the model that you’re driving, your Porsche’s exhaust works in tandem with the other systems of your vehicle to contribute to the overall driving experience. Porsche exhausts are known for helping produce the signature raucous sound that is associated with these cars. The choice of exhaust that you settle on will depend on your preference of performance, sound and styling. 

Tech 9 stock a wide range of Porsche exhausts and Porsche exhaust parts for most Porsche models. In addition to stocking OEM Porsche exhausts, we also supply Dansk exhausts, exhaust tips, Porsche sports exhausts, heat exchanger, exhaust mounting kits and every other part that you’d need to replace or upgrade your Porsche exhaust system. If you’re not sure which exhaust part that you need, then you can get in touch with us for advice, we’d be happy to help you find the right part and can even fit it for you if need be. 


Why upgrade your Porsche exhaust?

Upgrading your Porsche exhaust can bring a number of benefits to performance, driving experience and aesthetics. Some modern Porsche vehicles have been criticised for not having quite the same signature roar as older models. As time has gone on, modern regulations regarding emissions and noise have led to modifications in order to quieten the Porsche’s trademark growl. A Porsche exhaust upgrade could help you reclaim that signature sound, in addition to adding aesthetic flair to your car. 

What is the best Porsche exhaust kit?

Porsche exhaust kits come in a wide number of variations, depending on whether you’re going the OEM route or are looking for a custom piece created by a third-party manufacturer. The best Porsche exhaust for you will depend on your personal preference with regards to performance, sound and aesthetics. For example, if you are looking to retain a classic Porsche’s features then you will likely be seeking an OEM or Porsche-verified replica part. Whereas if you’re looking to enhance the sound of your Porsche, then you may want to consider an exhaust kit tailored to that purpose. 

How does Porsche Sports Exhaust work?

The Porsche Sports Exhaust (PSE) has been an option on new Porsche models since 2009. Depending on the configurations available, a Sports Exhaust can drastically change the aesthetics of your vehicle. For example, the 911 C4S’ PSE option includes an alternative exhaust-pipe configuration that makes the rear end of the vehicle seem narrower, in comparison to the standard exhaust. Most importantly, the PSE gives Porsche owners access to a louder, sportier sounding drive at the touch of a button.

Is Porsche Sport Exhaust worth it?

The Porsche Sports Exhaust option typically adds another £2500 onto the final price tag of your new Porsche, whether or not this offers good value will be up to your personal taste. You may own a modern Porsche and feel like you’re not getting the full experience with the standard exhaust setup, in which case investing in an OEM PSE system may transform your driving experience and pay for itself in satisfaction. 

Tech-9 supply Porsche exhaust parts for the following models:

356 (1950-65) , 911/912 1965-1989, 964 1989-94, 991 Mk1 2012-2016, 991 Mk2 2016-, 993 1994-98, 996 1997-05, 997 Mk1 2005-08, 997 Mk2 2009-2012, 997 Mk2 2009-2012, 914 1970-76, 924 1977-88, 928 1978-95, 944 1982-91, 968 1992-95, Boxster (718) 2016-, Boxster (986/987/981) 1997-2016, Carrera GT 2003-06, Cayenne Mk1 (955) 2003-06, Cayenne Mk2 (957) 2007-10, Cayenne Mk3 (958) 2010-, Cayman (718) 2016-, Cayman (987C/981C) 2006-16, Macan 2014-, Panamera Mk1 2009-2014, Panamera Mk2 2014-2016