Porsche Brake Parts for sale

We sell a full range of brake parts for a wide variety of Porsche vehicles and also stock brake disc pads, callipers and components so that you can ensure that your Porsche vehicle will keep performing at its best. 

About Porsche Brakes

Porsche brakes and the systems used for them to function have evolved over the years, however, the disc brake has remained a mainstay throughout the brand’s lifespan. For the first era of Porsche 911s, two-piston callipers were used in conjunction with 282mm discs at the front, and 285mm discs in the rear. This configuration was kept until 1968 when the disc sizes were expanded to 290mm on the rear. This setup would grace every Porsche vehicle for the next ten years, besides the 3.0-litre 911Carrera RS with it’s drilled and vented disc system. The increased stopping power of this unique system was later put into use on the 930 3.3l Turbo which found the standard setup lacking.

Unsurprisingly, it was often the incredibly popular turbo 911 models that benefited from the lates braking innovations, such as larger front discs with 1991’s 964 Turbo and the introduction of ABS. A decade later, Porsche collaborated with Brembo to launch Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes, which first graced the 2001 996 GT2. This system has continued to be used in the top of the range models. These bright yellow Ceramic Brakes are optional for nearly all recent Porsche models and are the biggest ever used on the model measuring in at 410mm in the front.


Should I get ceramic or semi-metallic Porsche brake discs?

Your choice between semi-metallic or ceramic Porsche brake discs will depend on your budget and your desired driving experience. Semi-metallic discs are usually made from a variety of metals such as steel, copper and steel. These are a good choice for heavier vehicles, hard-wearing and typically cost-effective – however, they may not offer the same performance of ceramic discs. Ceramic brake discs are a more recent innovation, their high-performance is matched with significantly better cooling, however, they are more expensive as a result.

What are the best Porsche brakes?

The best Porsche brakes for you will depend on your vehicle and your desired driving experience. Whilst original Porsche brakes are always good options to choose, there are a number of Porsche approved manufacturers, such as Dansk, that specialise in recreating high-quality parts that seamlessly fit into your vehicle. Whilst original Porsche and Brembo parts are known for their responsiveness, they are not suited for original or vintage Porsche builds. Dansk recreates many brake components for older Porsche models that are no longer supported by Porsche. Other highly acclaimed brake manufacturers include Performance Friction and EuroCupGT.

Are Porsche brakes made by Brembo?

Not all Porsche brakes are made by Brembo. Brembo and Porsche first collaborated to create the Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brake (PCCB) system back in 2001. Since then Brembo designed PCCBs have been an option for high-end builds of 911 models, and are fitted as standard for Turbo and Sport models, such as the 987 Cayman and Boxsters. The standard Black Porsche brakes are fitted on many other models.  

How much is a brake job on a Porsche?

Porsche brake replacements can vary in cost depending on the model of car, and the components that are being fitted. For example, a typical brake pad replacement for a Porsche Panamera can cost between £103.14 – £116.10, but replacing the entire braking system is likely to cost much more. 

How long do Porsche brakes last?

Porsche brake pads usually last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles depending on your driving habits. If you use your Porsche as an everyday vehicle, or find that you are frequently in stop-start traffic then you may find that your brakes will require inspection and replacement sooner than expected. The durability of your brakes will also depend on what components are installed on your vehicle. 

Tech-9 supply Porsche brakes for the following models:

356 (1950-65) , 911/912 1965-1989, 964 1989-94, 991 Mk1 2012-2016, 991 Mk2 2016-, 993 1994-98, 996 1997-05, 997 Mk1 2005-08, 997 Mk2 2009-2012, 997 Mk2 2009-2012, 914 1970-76, 924 1977-88, 928 1978-95, 944 1982-91, 968 1992-95, Boxster (718) 2016-, Boxster (986/987/981) 1997-2016, Carrera GT 2003-06, Cayenne Mk1 (955) 2003-06, Cayenne Mk2 (957) 2007-10, Cayenne Mk3 (958) 2010-, Cayman (718) 2016-, Cayman (987C/981C) 2006-16, Macan 2014-, Panamera Mk1 2009-2014, Panamera Mk2 2014-2016