Porsche Macan Body Kits

The Porsche Macan combines Porsche’s style and performance with the size and versatility of an SUV. But as impressive as the Porsche Macan is, why not add some personalised flair to make it truly unique?

And that’s exactly what Tech 9’s Porsche Macan tuning program and body kit services can deliver. From a subtle upgrade to a total overhaul, we can give your Porsche Macan an individual feel that matches your unique taste.

Tech 9 is the UK’s premium supplier of Techart body kits for your Porsche Macan. With Techart’s highly customisable body kits, you can shape your Porsche Macan to fit your vision of the perfect high-end SUV – a sports car for the whole family.

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Techart Body Kit Modifications

Techart is an internationally renowned designer and manufacturer of premium-quality Porsche body kits. They offer an expansive range of modifications for the look and feel of your Porsche, covering everything from front, rear bodywork spoilers and roof spoilers to wheel arch extensions and side mirror trims – all in a range of colours to suit your specific taste.

And it’s not just exterior options you can choose from when crafting your custom look. Techart Porsche Macan body kits also offer a range of eye-catching and luxurious additions to your car’s interior. Choose from sport steering wheels, aluminium sport pedals, colour-matched instrument dials, and many more options.

By choosing and combining from this wide range of options, you can craft a fully customised Porsche Macan that fits your personal style, with a look and feel tailored to your exact needs. And thanks to Techart’s renowned combination of precision modelling and expert craftsmanship, you’ll enjoy the same perfect finish no matter which modifications you choose.

Why Choose Us?

Tech 9 is the premium supplier of Techart Porsche body kits in the UK. We can help you transform your Porsche Macan into your own unique work of art – a dream to drive and even better to look at. Choose Tech 9 and you’ll benefit from:

  • An in-house design team with first class saddlery department.
  • Computer aided design and modelling capabilities.
  • Wind-Tunnel tested Aerodynamic efficient body styling.
  • Materials of premium quality used throughout. PU-Rim plastic bodywork, genuine autoclave Carbon Fibre and Highest quality Leathers used.
  • Certification and homologation of components where required.
  • Verification of material structure for crash/damage analysis.
  • Type approvals, including the stringent German TUV approval for parts.
  • Component testing and in some cases Motor Racing track proven.
  • Product information guides and fitting instructions in multi-lingual formats.
  • Parts supplied by mail order for local fitting at an approved installer, or our workshops in Liverpool can accommodate the installation in-house.
  • Techart Protect Warranty available for future peace of mind.

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Porsche Macan Body Kits

Experienced Body Kit Engineers

Successful innovation means repeatedly challenging everything without losing the proven structure, the basic characteristics, the identity, along the way.” – Dr Wolfgang Porsche

Tech 9 has spent the past 30 years delivering expert services to Porsche owners across the UK. Our team of dedicated engineers bring their depth of knowledge and experience to every single job. If you’re looking to transform your Porsche into a unique work of art, then look no further – Tech 9 can offer everything you need.

Our continued success is based on our commitment to customer satisfaction and our belief in the value and importance of Porsche as a brand. We don’t just want to sell parts and make a profit – we take pride in helping to keep Porsche cars in the best condition for as long as possible.

That’s why we deliver a full range of services to meet the needs of Porsche drivers. We provide complete Porsche servicing to ensure your Porsche is performing at its very best, as well as custom performance tuning to provide the most powerful and efficient driving experience possible. We also offer engine and gearbox rebuilds to completely transform how your Porsche performs.

And if you want a completely bespoke solution, we also provide bespoke Porsche design and builds. Whatever your ideal Porsche looks like, we can help make it a reality.

What Models Do You Work On?

As well as giving your Porsche Macan an upgrade inside and out, we can also work on a wide range of other Porsche models, including Cayenne, Panamera, 911, Boxter, and many more.

If you want to see the results we offer for yourself, take a look at our project gallery below. And if you find yourself getting inspired, fill out the contact from just beneath it.