Porsche Engine and Gearbox Rebuilding

For more than 25 Years, we have been rebuilding all models of Porsche engines. Aircooled or Water Cooled, including GT3 models (road and race)

356A B and C/912 engines are undertaken, we know all the various faults that occur including the very common engine case ovality that can be repaired by our engineering partners. From a routine rebuild, to a performance orientated specification with increased capacity, sport camshaft and performance exhaust

We have many bespoke parts that have been designed by us with our world class machining partners, items such as Connecting-Rods, Pistons, Camshafts and bespoke exhaust systems. Engines for Circuit racing, or Rally events, with many different series/events and specifications catered for

901 2.0 race engines with Solex Carburettors for the Peter Auto 2.0L Cup series

911 MFI engines, RSR 3.0-3.6, high compression 3.0 SC based engines with 300+bhp regularly achieved

We also have a large stock of spares to keep these engines on the road, many hard to find and NLA parts, chances are that we have them

Each Porsche engine rebuild is documented with photographs and a tolerance record sheet archived

Our labour rate is £67.50 + VAT p/hour

Some of the Porsche models we work with:

Porsche 911, Porsche 356, Porsche boxster, Porsche 912, Porsche 993, Porsche 912, Porsche 996, Porsche 997, Porsche 964, Porsche 356, Porsche 914, Porsche 944, Porsche cayenne, Porsche 2.7, Porsche 3.2, Porsche 356, Porsche 911 3.2, Porsche 911, Porsche 911 turbo, Porsche 914, Porsche 924, Porsche 928, Porsche 944, Porsche 944 s2, Porsche 944 turbo, Porsche 964, Porsche 968, Porsche 987, Porsche 993, Porsche 996, Porsche 997 3.8, Porsche boxster, Porsche boxster s, Porsche cayenne, Porsche cayman, Porsche m97, 1983 porsche 944, 1988 porsche 911, 1999 porsche 911, 1999 porsche boxster, 2001 porsche 911, porsche 911, porsche 2.5, porsche 2.7, porsche 911 2.7, porsche 911 930 turbo, porsche 912, porsche 928 s4, porsche 944 2.5, porsche 964 turbo, porsche 986, porsche 993 turbo, porsche 996 3.6, porsche boxster 986, porsche boxster 987, porsche carrera 3.2, porsche cayman 3.4, porsche cayman, porsche cayman s, porsche 3.8, porsche 400hp 3.6